Kokemäki in a nutshell

Welcome to Kokemäki!

Do you appreciate nature and everyday life that runs smoothly? Come to Kokemäki! Kokemäki is easy to access and it is surrounded by Satakunta’s beautiful nature – it offers everything you need to enjoy life. Green values are deeply rooted in our philosophy. Kokemäki offers a safe and nature-embracing living environment, high-quality services, and good communication networks for the young, elderly, families with children and businesses alike.


Kokemäki is located in the province of Satakunta along national road 2 (Pori-Helsinki) and by railway from Pori to Tampere, so it is conveniently accessible using different forms of transport.

Distances from Kokemäki:

– Pori 42km
– Helsinki 200km
– Tampere 100km
– Turku 110km

Kokemäki’s population numbers approximately 7,400.


Kokemäki – a modern countryside town

Kokemäki is a place worth staying and visiting in. You can find a wide range of options for enjoyable getaways no matter how long you are here for. How about a relaxing weekend in a cabin at Sääksjärvi lake or an active holiday in the landscape of Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park?

A comprehensive range of daily services and special stores serve Kokemäki’s visitors and residents. You can stay in a pleasant hotel or choose from cabins surrounded by the quiet of nature. Local hotels, restaurants and cafés will keep your taste buds happy during your stay. You can also find idyllic venue options for any special events. Kokemäki river offers great recreational and fishing opportunities and epic landscapes for travellers to experience.

Activities, nature and sights

Do sports get your heart racing, or do you crave culture? Kokemäki has it all. Whatever the season, there’s always something to do! If you are used to an active lifestyle, do not worry, Kokemäki offers a wide range of activities to choose from! When the ground is bare from snow, joggers and runners can enjoy our numerous footpaths to clear body and mind. Take a walk in nature, go to church or fish at Kokemäki river! We offer things to see, do and experience for everyone.

Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park
Founded in 1993, the national park presents a unique landscape for nature-loving visitors to enjoy. Follow Yttiläntie 981 to the Kärjenkallio birdwatching tower, which is one of the tallest in the Nordic countries. Signs to the national park are placed along Yttiläntie road in Kauvatsa.

Sääksjärvi lake
Sääksjärvi overlies an impact crater that was created approximately 600 million years ago. The lake flows from Kauvatsa river to Kokemäki river. Sääksjärvi is a very popular area for summer residents.

Sääksjärvi route
You can ski along the Sääksjärvi route in the winter or go canoeing along it in the summer.

Säpilä bridge (Currently closed)
Säpilä bridge is a wooden, 125-metre-long suspension bridge hanging over Kokemäki river. It was built between 1949 and 1950. You can access it from Uppaantie, 32830 Riste.

Kokemäki river
Kokemäki river runs from Sastamala to Pori and it offers great recreational and fishing opportunities.

Käräjämäki introduces you to two different prehistoric eras. A graveyard from the Iron Age and a settlement dating to the Stone Age can be found in the area. Käräjämäki is located on Käräjätie by Kokemäki river, north of Kokemäki.

Tulkkila bridge
Tulkkila bridge, which was built in approximately one hundred days in the centre of Kokemäki in 1919, has been preserved as a museosilta, or “museum bridge”, since 1982. It is located on Siltakatu.

Kokemäki harness racing track
Tel. +358 41 779 5541 (during races), Köyliöntie 775, 32810 Peipohja.

Gustav III Church
Kokemäki’s Gustav III Church is an eye-catching stone building from the late 18th century. The church was named after the ruler who approved its building plans and location. You can find Gustav III Church at Tulkkilantie 21.

Pitkäjärvi Recreational Centre
Ice hall and indoor golf practice hall. Pesäpallo and football fields, beach volleyball court, and a sports track. Beach, camps and campsite. Venues for special events and conferences and hostels.
Tel. +358 40 525 6223, Urheilutie 28, 32810 Peipohja.

Sacristy of Saint Mary’s Church
In the middle of Kokemäki’s old cemetery lies a small sacristy made of grey stone. It was built to replace Saint Mary’s Church in the 16th century. The sacristy is located near the historic Tulkkila bridge at Penttiläntie.

Eat and drink

If you are feeling hungry, Kokemäki offers various options to choose from. You can find smaller snacks for when you’re peckish, or full dinners for emptier stomachs. Craving something with your coffee? You’re sure to find something for everyone! Charming summer cafés will provide you an additional selection to choose from when the season kicks in.

For companies

There are excellent operating conditions and competitive advantage for the companies in Kokemäki region. Kokemäki is located in the middle of national roads 2 (Pori-Helsinki), 12 (Tampere-Rauma) and 11 (Pori-Tampere). There is also a railway station in Kokemäki and the nearest harbour and three airports are located about an hour away. The town has a new fiber optic network, which capacity is huge and availability easy. This network grants reliable electric connections.

Your company will be supported in practical issues of the process. Kokemäki town will provide your company services concerning for example recruitment. There are also budget rental apartments and wide range of residential plots available.

The wide business network in Kokemäki provides your company significant synergy advantage. Kokemäki has an active business association and diverse economic structure.


Kokemäen kaupunki
Postal address: PO Box 27, 32801 Kokemäki
Address: Tulkkilantie 2, 32800 Kokemäki
Business ID: 0203925-9

Information +358 40 488 6111 / switchboard
Fax +358 2 546 4887

The switchboard is open
Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00.

Email: kokemaki(a)kokemaki.fi
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